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If you want to import semi-finished shoe uppers instead of finished shoes, what you need is a specialized supplier of semi-finished shoes that leaves you worry-free. Not a shoe factory that is supposed to be your competitor.

Shoe Upper manufacturing Expert!

No matter what kind of shoes you make, we can produce the right shoe upper for you. We serve both brands such as Sketchers and Honeywell, as well as provide semi-finished shoe upper solutions for various small and medium-sized shoe companies.

    Who we are?

    Specialized Shoe Upper Manufacturer Founded By Experienced Boss

    specialized shoe upper manufacturer

    Specialized Shoe Upper Manufacturer

    1. Not a shoe factory, so your upper orders will always take priority
    2. Professional shoe upper manufacturer with a complete shoe production line.
    3.  The shoe lasting and sole attaching trial will be conducted prior to the mass production to ensure that the finished shoes can be produced smoothly after your company receives the semi-finished uppers
    4. We will take a video of the trial process for your reference
    5. Enough skilled workers to ensure the production, and a professional foreign trade sales team to provide worry-free service. 

    Experienced Boss

    1. 30 years working experience in shoe factory, 25 years as a factory manager
    2. Has served 6 excellent shoe factories of different types, two of which were established by his technical guidance and one of which was a designated supplier of Honeywell
    3.  An expert in the production of both cemented and injection shoes
    4. Has a long-term good relationship with the whole supply chain
    5. Very well connected in the field of footwear production. So whether the machines, supply chain, or labor and production, he can offer the optimal solution.                      

    Why Choose Us?

    Specialized Shoe Upper Manufacturer with Great Quality, Best Price, Quick Delivery, Attentive Service!


    Impossible? No, we definitely are, and we’ll tell you why!

    Great Quality

    Best Price

    Quick Delivery

    Why Our Shoe Upper Manufacturing Can Guarantee Quality?

    Reliable Raw Material Suppliers

    1. We only source the raw materials we need to produce shoe uppers from trusted suppliers that we have worked with for many years.
    2. We know exactly which supplier is the best choice for each material

    Professional and Strict QC Team

    1. Employees working in our QC team must be a veteran in their field.
    2. All raw materials will be confirmed with confirmed samples and subjected to the required tests before being put into production.
    3. We implement a 100% inspection system.

    Skilled Workers

    1. All workers have more than three years of experience.
    2. 70% have more than five years of experience.
    3. 40% have more than 10 years of experience.


    Dedicated Shoe Upper Factory

    1. As a professional upper manufacturer, all orders are completed in our own factory, so we can have better quality control.
    2. For shoe factory, the production in their own factory will lead to the shutdown of their molding department. Order will generally be sent to the cooperative small processing workshop for the sewing process, so the quality control will be relatively poor.

    Quality control of shoe upper making
    shoe upper at cheap price

    Why Can We Offer a Better Price for Shoe Uppers?

    Lower Labor Costs

    Our upper factory is located in Jianshi, Hubei, which is the hometown of our boss. Jianshi is in the interior of China, and the wage level is only 2/3 of those coastal shoe production bases such as Jinjiang, Wenzhou, and Dongguan.

    Mature Supply Chain

    Our supply chain of shoe upper raw materials and machinery is very mature, and most of them are suppliers who have been working together for more than 10 years. Both quality and price are very competitive.

    Lower Fixed Costs

    Without going through the trading company and shoe factory, of course, the price is better. Compared to finished shoe factories, shoe upper factory has no molding department, and most employees are paid on a piecework basis. So fixed costs are reduced.

    Government Support

     Local governments strongly support the return of migrant workers to their hometowns for entrepreneurship and employment. The government gives support in taxation to companies that can create a lot of jobs.

    Why Can We Offer Faster Delivery For Shoe Upper Orders?

    Professional Shoe Upper Factory

    Eliminate the intermediate link between traders and shoe factories, so it is more efficient. Arranging directly according to the order sequence of shoe uppers, no need to line up after finished shoe orders.

    Sufficient capacity

    We have 20 sewing groups, each has 10 to 15 people. There are also an ample supply of skilled alternate workers. If the orders expands, we can add the required machines and workers within a week.

    Professional Service Team

    All inquiries are answered within 24 hours, ensuring smooth communication throughout the order process and that all issues are resolved in the shortest possible time.

    Our Service

    No more wasting time on looking for shoe upper manufacturers. Our services always go extra mile. Our goal is to make our customers worry-free. We will keep you informed of the trade progress throughout.


    Prompt Reply

    Inquiries received during our working hours will be answered immediately, and others will be answered within 24 hours.

    Worry Free

    Don't worry about the order, we will keep you informed of the order process throughout.

    Technical Support

    We can provide shoe upper molding trial video for your reference. we also provide free consulting services for shoemaking.

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    When you find us, you’re already far ahead of others. Because our advantages will become your strong competitive edge. let’s grow your business together!

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