Shoe Upper Parts Solution for Shoe Manufacturing

For shoe upper parts importing, what’s the biggest concern of the shoe factory?

Whether the imported shoe upper parts can be successfully molded in your own factories and made into quality shoes must be the biggest concern of shoe manufacturers.

You never have to worry about this with the uppers we produce.

How Do we produce shoe uppers that leave you without any worries?


Shoe upper sample making

1. Proofing based on sample shoes, or proofing based on the pictures provided and the materials requested

2. Sending samples to you for confirmation

3. Confirm sample and order

Making sample for shoes


Assembly trial for each size

1.  Prepare the shoe last, shoe design pattern, and cutting dies for full size range

2. Cutting the parts for shoe uppers.

3. Stitching and making the finished shoe upper

4. Shoe upper lasting and soles attaching(One side attach while the other side not)

5. Finishing process. 

6. Sending the full size range trial shoes and last to you for your reference. We will also keep a video of the trial process for your reference.

Shoe lasting process


Bulk Production

1. Material and production are strictly in accordance with the confirmed sample shoe upper

2. Relevant sales staff report on progress throughout the order process

3. Our professional QC team will conduct multiple 100% inspections to ensure the quality of the produced uppers

stitching process for shoes


Shipment and Delivery

1. Please arrange the inspection before shipment. We will not let unqualified products reach your workshop and we will arrange delivery only after the confirmation from you.

2. Quality inspection by your QC personnel, third-party inspection, and video inspection are all available

inspecited shoe uppers


Free technical support

1. The completion of a shoe upper order does not mean the end of the service.

2. If you are a very experienced shoe manufacturer, we are confident that we have the experience to match yours. Let’s grow the business together.

3. If you are new to the shoe production field, we are also happy to share our experience in thirty years of shoe production to support you! (Including but not limited to shoe materials, shoe machines, shoe production, etc)

technical support for shoe upper import

Get In Touch Now

How easy it is to get us to produce semi-finished shoe uppers for you?

In the simplest case, you just need to give us a picture of the shoes to be produced! Contact Quanzhou Jinlai to start your business now! And let’s grow your shoe business together.